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Incredible Story of lord Ganesha Marriage by curse 2023

Lakshmi Pujan

Curse given by goddess Tulsi

Incredible Story of Lord Ganesha marriage goes through a curse given to him by goddess Tulsi from there onward it is said that any offering to Lord Ganesha should not contain tulsi leaf which is due to the curse exchanged between lord Ganesha and goddess Tulsi.

Story of Lord Ganesha marriage

Why Lord Ganesha cursed goddess Tulsi

According to a mythological story, once Lord Ganesha was deep in meditation by the banks of the Ganges River, and at that time, Goddess Tulsi after completion of her pilgrimage arrived there. When Goddess Tulsi saw Lord Ganesha’s beautiful form in meditation, she developed a desire to marry him. This desire led her to disrupt Lord Ganesha’s meditation, which annoyed lord Ganesha very much.

When Lord Ganesha asked her the reason, Goddess Tulsi revealed her desire to marry him. However, Lord Ganesha, considering himself a celibate(vowed not to marry) till that time therefore he rejected her proposal. Because of this rejection Goddess Tulsi got angry and she cursed Lord Ganesha that he would have not one but two marriages and his vow of not marrying will break and that curse became the foundation for the story of lord Ganesha marriage .In response, Lord Ganesha also cursed Tulsi that she would have to marry a demon.

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Maha aarti keshi ghat view specimen

Vighnaharta Shri Ganesha

Upon hearing this curse from lord Ganesha Goddess Tulsi realized her mistake and apologized to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha forgave Tulsi but the curse cannot be reversed but Lord Ganesha being vighnaharta said that although she would marry a demon but she would always remain dear to Lord Krishna and would be revered by humans for providing both worldly and spiritual well-being and will be worshiped always.Since then, tulsi in any form is not offered to Lord Ganesha.

Curse of goddess Tulsi

Due to the curse exchanged between Lord Ganesha and Goddess Tulsi, Lord Ganesha had two marriages with Goddess Riddhi and Goddess Siddhi daughters of lord Brahma.

Story of lord Ganesha marriage

The incredible story of lord Ganesha marriage goes like this, due to the unique physical form of Lord Ganesha, there were difficulties in arranging his marriages but according to the curse given by goddess Tulsi he had to brave two marriages. So he became angry and, along with his vahan, the mouse, lord Ganesha started creating obstacles in the marriages of all other deities. Frustrated by this, all the deities went to Lord Brahma and explained their problem. Upon hearing their plight, Lord Brahma sent his two daughters named Riddhi and Siddhi as students to learn from Lord Shri Ganesha as a solution to the problem of all the deities.

Whenever a deity’s marriage was about to take place and Lord Ganesha contemplated creating obstacles, Riddhi and Siddhi would ask questions to distract him and he would get busy in answering them. This prevented any hindrance in the deities’ weddings. When Lord Ganesha realized that Lord Brahma had sent his two daughters to distract him from creating any problem in other deities marriage, he became very angry. But at that moment Lord Brahma proposed the marriage of his two daughters to Lord Ganesha, which he accepted.

Lord Ganesha wives and sons

Lord Ganesha’s auspicious wedding took place with Riddhi and Siddhi daughters of Lord Brahma, and he acquired two sons named Shubh and Labh.

The story of lord Ganesha marriage is not widely known, very little has been written about it. Due to this people are unaware about this mythological story. Therefore I decided to write the story of lord ganesha marriage and this could be a nice Lord Ganesha story for kids. Because many of us don’t even know the names of Lord Ganesha two wives and name of his two sons.

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