Amazing details of TATA SAFARI facelift 2023

Tata is all set to launch its flagship SUV TATA SAFARI facelift 2023 in few weeks which is loaded with features to amaze everyone. This is not like any other cosmetic facelift but a complete makeover from inside and outside.

Bookings are open for Tata safari facelift 2023

Tata is already accepting the Bookings for Tata Safari facelift 2023 with a minimal amount of Rs.25000/- only and the delivery of SUV is expected to start within a month.

New Exterior features

  1. A new parametric grill
  2. LED projector headlamps
  3. Connected LED DRL’s
  4. Connected LED tail lamps
  5. New R-19 dual tone alloy wheels

New Interior features

  1. New white and brown interior theme
  2. Multi mood ambient lights
  3. Four spoke steering with illuminating logo
  4. Leatherette seats

New safety features

  1. Omegarc platform (derived from the Land Rover D-8 platform)
  2. 7 Airbags
  3. Hill hold control
  4. ADAS

Key features that comes with ADAS

1Adaptive cruise control
2Autonomous emergency braking
3Forward collision warning
4Rear collision warning
5Traffic sign recognition
6High beam assist
7Lane departure warning
8Lane change alert
9Rear cross traffic alert
10Door open alert
  1. Adaptive Cruise Control– which automatically adjusts the closing speed based on the vehicle in front during long drives.
  2. Autonomous Emergency Braking– where, in the event of any sudden object or obstacle, be it a vehicle or an animal, approaching from the front, the autonomous emergency brakes are applied to prevent a collision.
  3. Forward Collision Warning – safeguards your car from front-end collisions by providing audio and visual warnings.
  4. Rear Collision warning – This system alerts you with audio and visual alerts if a vehicle rapidly approaching from behind gets too close.
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition– monitors all traffic signboards on the road, including speed limits for overtaking, and alerts you to make necessary adjustments.
  6. High Beam Assist– With this feature, you can drive freely at night as it automatically adjusts your car’s high beams by detecting any oncoming vehicle, allowing you to drive freely.
  7. Lane Departure Warning System– Monitors the lane markings on the road, and if your car deviates towards any side without signaling, it provides you with an alert message.
  8. Rear Cross Traffic Alert– Ensures safety while reversing by detecting any approaching or blind-spot vehicle, providing you with an audio-visual alert for easier reversing.
  9. Door Open Alert– This system alerts you about any approaching physical object or obstacle when opening the door, ensuring you can safely open the door and exit.
  10. Lane change alert– This system will help in changing lanes while driving and audio and visual alert will be given if any vehicle is near and lane changing is not possible or risky.

Colours of Tata Safari facelift 2023

  1. Cosmic gold
  2. Galactic sapphire
  3. Stardust ash
  4. Stellar frost
  5. Oberon black
  6. Supernova copper
  7. Lunar slate

Engine Specifications


Price of Tata safari facelift 2023

The price of tata Safari facelift are not disclosed yet but are expected to be somewhere between Rs16.00 lakh to 25.00 lakh (Estimated price)

What is the price of tata safari facelift?

The price is not yet disclosed by the company but it is expected to be somewhere between ₹16,00,000 to ₹25,00,000 lakh.

When is tata safari facelift launching?

Tata Safari facelift is expected to launch in October 2023.

How many new colours are there of tata safari facelift?

Tata Safari facelift will be available in 7 beautiful new colours
1. Cosmic Gold
2. Galactic sapphire
3. Stardust Ash
4. Stellar frost
5. Oberon black
6. Supernova copper
7. Lunar slate

What are the safety features in Tata Safari facelift?

There are many safety features in Tata Safari facelift including 7Airbags , Omegarc platform, Hill hold control and ADAS.

What is the mileage (fuel efficiency) of Tata Safari facelift?

As per Tata company the fuel efficiency (mileage) for manual transmission is 16.30km/L and for Automation transmission it is 14.50km/L as claimed by the company.

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