Naag devta temple mystery 2023

About Naag devta mandir

This ancient Naag devta temple is nearly 300 years old and located on the highest mountain in Kufri known as mahasu peak which is approximately 14 kilometers from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The journey to reach this Naag Devta mandir can be undertaken either on foot or by horse. The temple holds great significance, believed to fulfill all desires of those who visit.

Story behind Naag devta mandir

According to mythological tales, a village girl use to take her cows to graze on a hill everyday and once saw her black cow named Kapila ascending the mountain to graze. Intrigued, she followed Kapila and witnessed a miraculous event involving a sacred medicinal plant named shambher on hilltop where kapila stoped and after purifying the plant with cow urine, a serpent emerged, and Kapila’s udders started releasing milk on its own and the serpent began drinking the milk.

Astonished, the girl remained in awe, but out of fear, she kept the incident to herself. When she returned to the cowshed with all the cows in the evening, her mother started milking them. However, despite numerous attempts, not a single drop of milk came out from Kapila, the cow. Perplexed, the mother asked her daughter about it, mentioning that Kapila used to give around 5 kilograms of milk daily. The girl shared the entire story with her mother. Initially skeptical, the mother agreed to witness the event the next day after the girl persistently explained. The following day, both mother and daughter took the cows to the same mountain. After a while, they observed Kapila heading towards the same spot again. Following the girl’s description, the cow purified the shambher plant with urine and after purification, Kapila moved back, and a serpent emerged from the plant and started drinking the milk flowing from Kapila’s udders.Witnessing this, the woman was bewildered. She moved Kapila away from the plant, and as soon as the cow moved, the serpent disappeared. Realizing that it was the right time to uproot the plant so that the cow won’t come there everyday and The serpent won’t drink cow’s milk, the woman tried using the pickaxe. Suddenly, a loud noise echoed, as if the pickaxe had hit a stone. To their surprise, a manifestation of Lord Shiva appeared at the same spot, with marks on his face from the pickaxe. Startled by this miraculous event, the woman, along with her daughter, ran from that place in awe and informed a Mehant(God man) in the village about the incident.

Upon hearing this, Mehant(God man) explained that the serpent drinking the milk from Kapila was none other than the divine Naag Devata Vasuki. It was decided that a temple dedicated to Naag Devta would be constructed at the same location where the manifestation of Lord Shiva had occurred. The entire village came together, and they built the Naag Devta temple, installing the same idol of Mahadev with the marks of the pickaxe on its face.

Naag devta temple opened for single day in a year

Since then, every year only on Naag Panchami, for one day, the doors of this divine ancient temple are opened, and a procession is carried out with music to honor the idol of Lord Shiva. There is a belief that the priest who opens the temple during this ceremony gets darshan of Naag Devta.

Every year thousands of devotees come to the Naag Devata temple to seek blessings and fulfill their wishes. Although from the month of November to March mahasu peak as well as the temple are covered in snow and would be difficult to visit naag devta temple , so plan you visit accordingly.

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