Smoked Tomatoes

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Planning Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Servings: 3


1 wad of Tomatoes, cut down the middle

A Dried lovage (discretionary)

2 touch of Sea salt

3 Black pepper

4 tbsp. Olive oil


1. Set your flame broil to the Smoke setting.

2. Cut tomatoes down the middle and coat with olive oil in a bowl adequately huge to

hold them. Add a liberal touch of ocean salt, newly broke dark

pepper, and dried lovage to taste (if utilizing). Utilize your hands and blend

the tomatoes until uniformly covered in the blend.

3. Spot tomatoes on a preparing sheet and afterward on the barbecue.

4. Increment temperature to around 180-200.

5. Tomatoes will be done in roughly 45 minutes. The edges will

start to twist and inner parts to bubble.


Calories: 50

Carbs: 2g

Fat: 5g

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