Baked Asparagus Pancetta Cheese Tart

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Planning Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 to 30 minutes

Servings: 5


1 Sheet Puff Pastry

8 Oz Asparagus, Pencil Spears

8 Oz Pancetta, Cooked and Drained

1 cup Cream

4 Eggs

¼ cup Goat Cheese

4 tbsp. Ground Parmesan

1 tbsp. Slashed Chives

Dark Pepper


1. At the point when prepared to cook, set the temperature to 375 ℉ and preheat, cover

shut for 15 minutes.

2. Spot the puff baked good on a half sheet plate and score around the

edge 1-inch in from the edges making a point not to cut as far as possible

through. Prick the focal point of the puff baked good with a fork.

3. Spot the sheet plate straightforwardly on the flame broil grind and prepare for 15-20

minutes until the cake has puffed and sautéed a smidgen.

4. While the baked good prepares join the cream, 3 eggs, the two sorts of

cheddar, and chives in a little bowl. Rush to blend well.

5. Eliminate the sheet plate from the flame broil and empty the egg combination into the

puff cake. Lay the asparagus lances on top of the egg combination and

sprinkle with cooked pancetta.

6. Whisk the leftover egg in a little bowl and brush the highest point of the

baked good with the egg wash.

7. Spot back on the barbecue mesh and cook for another 15-20 minutes until

the egg blend is simply set.

8. Finish tart with lemon zing, more cleaved chives, and shaved



Calories: 50

Carbs: 4g

Fiber: 2g

Fat: 2.5g

Protein: 2g

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